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Outdoor durable gym equipment for different exercises
Outdoor Gym - Your leading outdoor fitness equipment specialist

Gym equipment with high functionality and durability, aimed at a wide target group, is used more and more often in construction projects for municipalities, in public areas, schoolyards and at the local association.

At NOORD, we have 30 years of experience with the design and production of gym equipment. and have installed more that 1,700 fitness solutions.

Outdoor gym and fitness equipment by NOORD

Welcome to NOORD Outdoor Fitness – Your ultimate destination for outdoor gym and fitness equipment. 

Experience the future of fitness with NOORD Outdoor Fitness, the premier provider of functional and durable outdoor gym equipment. Our innovative designs and durable construction will elevate workout routines and transform your outdoor space into an active oasis. We have installed more than 1,700 outdoor gym solutions across the globe, and offer a large range of products.

Our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and product quality, coupled with our commitment to combating the growing obesity crisis, drives our success.

Our success at NOORD Outdoor Fitness is fueled by three core passions.
First and foremost, we are committed to our customers and end users, ensuring an unparalleled experience.
Secondly, we are obsessed with delivering top-notch quality in all our products.
Lastly, our driving ambition is to promote a healthier lifestyle.

Born from a passion for promoting fitness and well-being, NOORD Outdoor Fitness has been actively contributing to the worlds fitness for decades.

Outdoor workout equipment for calisthenics exercices from Noord

What are the advantages of outdoor gym equipment?

Beyond the obvious perk of enjoying a workout in the fresh air instead of a stuffy gym, there’s a plethora of benefits to discover.

  1. Cost-Free Accessibility: Outdoor gyms in community spaces and public parks are open to the public without any membership fees or binding contracts. Say goodbye to restrictive timings and enjoy the freedom to use outdoor fitness equipment whenever suits your schedule.

  2. Energy-Efficient and Green: Unlike indoor gym equipment that relies on electricity, outdoor gyms are designed to operate solely on the user’s power. This not only saves energy but also encourages people to connect with the green spaces in their communities.

  3. Self-Guided Workouts: No need for an instructor with outdoor fitness equipment. The apparatus is user-friendly and safe, utilizing resistance from the user’s own bodyweight. The public setting promotes sociability, making outdoor gyms perfect for group exercises and fostering strong, healthy communities.

  4. Health in Nature: Exercising outdoors offers more than just muscle strengthening and calorie burning. Bask in extra doses of vitamin D from the sun and experience a mood boost from the fresh air – a holistic approach to well-being that goes beyond traditional gym settings.

Spirer TRX - Public fitness tool by NOORD

Wide range of fitness equipment crafted by sport professionals

NOORD Outdoor Fitness offers an extensive range of outdoor exercise equipment meticulously crafted by sports and exercise professionals.

Our products are engineered to cater to a wide spectrum of fitness goals – whether it’s building strength in major muscle groups, enhancing cardiovascular fitness, or improving flexibility, balance, and coordination.

Each item undergoes testing, surpassing the required standards for quality assurance.

With robust and durable construction, our gyms are backed by substantial guarantees, ensuring a lasting investment that stands the test of time.

Horizontal Ladder Double - Outdoor obstacles to train for free and without limitations

Get fit, have Fun: Dive into our adult outdoor gym equipment

Discover over 30 unique pieces of outdoor fitness equipment and obstacle course race products at NOORD Outdoor Fitness, offering the perfect canvas to create customized outdoor gym experiences for adults. This diverse range caters to everything from playful aerobic exercises to serious muscle building, ensuring each outdoor gym is precisely tailored to meet user requirements.

Consider a student on a university or college campus, opting for the challenging Monkey Bar or the Network of Wires. In areas with aging populations, older adults may find the Spirer Stairs or Spirer 700 more beneficial. NOORD Outdoor Fitness guarantees that each outdoor gym is a perfect fit for the user’s needs.

Physical exercise not only improves fitness, stamina, and strength but also provides a chance to play and have fun. Our outdoor gym equipment is designed to be sociable, fostering connections among users.

For instance, the Spirer 700 and Spirer 1800 allow face-to-face exercises for motivation and conversation. The Jungle Walk which challenges and invite to a competitive match between friends of who overcomes the obstacle first. The Spirer Double Monkey Bar or Spirer Arched Monkey Bar takes sociability to the next level, enabling 10 people to use the equipment at once – perfect for teams or groups of friends looking to stay active while catching up and using accessories like TRX.

Children's Outdoor Gym Equipment

Outdoor gyms are like wonderlands for cultivating healthy, active children. They provide the perfect stepping stone from playground adventures to using real gym equipment, ensuring that young muscles stay strong and a lifelong love for exercise blossoms.

At NOORD Outdoor Fitness, we’ve got the little ones covered too. For the younger kiddos in primary school, we’ve crafted pint-sized versions of our most-loved equipment. Think Children’s Air Skier, Children’s Cardio Combi, and Children’s Monkey Bars – specially designed for those early fitness explorations.

As kids grow into their senior school and college years, it’s time to level up to the adult-sized gym gear. The Parallel Gym Bars, Twist & Step, Big Rig, and the Air Walker are all the rage for this age group, offering the perfect mix of challenge and fun. 

A Journey to Cardiovascular Wellness

Cardiovascular exercise is the secret sauce for a healthy heart – it gets that blood pumping, keeping your cardiovascular system in top-notch shape. And here’s the prescription: doctors recommend a weekly dose of 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise to keep your ticker in tip-top condition.

At NOORD Outdoor Fitness, we’ve got your heart’s back with over 20 outdoor fitness equipment options tailored for cardiovascular workouts. Think classics like the Bicycle and Cross-country Skier or kick it up a notch with the adventurous Air Skier and Arm and Pedal Bike. Whether you’re on a mission for a heart-healthy routine or looking to add a dash of excitement to your workout, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Unleashing the Benefits of Resistance Training

Resistance training is the key to building robust muscles and enduring strength, achieved by lifting, pulling, or pushing against resistance. Whether it’s the force of gravity, weights, or your own body weight, these exercises pave the way for a stronger, more resilient you.

Step into a realm of targeted muscle empowerment with our top picks for outdoor gym equipment tailored for resistance training. Engage your upper body with the Resistance Bicep Curl, Resistance Shoulder Press, and the mighty Resistance Bench Press. And for a leg day like no other, challenge yourself with the Resistance Stepper, the commanding Resistance Leg Press, and the empowering Resistance Squat Station.

Enhance Flexibility and Balance with NOORD Outdoor Fitness

Certain exercises bring a dual benefit, offering not just a workout but an improvement in flexibility and balance. Integrating these exercises into your routine can enhance the body’s range of motion in joints, providing a protective shield against falls and injuries. At NOORD Outdoor Fitness, we bring you a selection of 24 outdoor gym equipment pieces dedicated to fostering balance and flexibility.

Improve your coordination with the Hip Twister, Double Air Walker, and the ever-popular Balance Beams. Dive into exercises like the T’ai Chi Spinners and Elliptical Cross Trainer to promote flexibility in your joints and muscles, steering clear of stiffness and its associated issues.

Wire Obstacle Double - Obstacle Course Racing in public parks and green areas

Fitness Journey with Strength Training

Strength training is your key to fortifying muscle strength, building mass, and safeguarding bone density. These exercises are not just about raw power – they combat weakness, fragility, and significantly lower the risk of osteoporosis while reducing the chances of injury. At NOORD Outdoor Fitness, our outdoor strength equipment, including the robust Big Rig, Self-Weighted Rower, and Sit Up Benches, is designed to sculpt essential strength.

Engage your body’s natural strength with equipment like the Chin Up Bars, Parallel Bars, and Horizontal Ladder, relying on your own body weight to foster resilience. Step into a realm where strength isn’t just a goal; it’s a journey toward a more robust and injury-resistant you.

Spirer Parallel Bar - Outdoor equipment for calisthenics exercises
Case studies

Hudson River Park Manhattan - Green oasis in the city

A globally renowned architectural firm has opted for NOORD’s outdoor fitness equipment for an upcoming project. The designated space will feature gardens, promenades, and a fitness area, with the architect selecting NOORD’s powder-coated outdoor fitness gear. This equipment, renowned for being weatherproof and devoid of any removable parts such as screws or bolts, ensures resistance to vandalism.

Part of NOORD’s Spirer series, the fitness equipment for this project is meticulously crafted to blend aesthetics with functionality, creating appealing exercise zones in residential areas, school playgrounds, and public parks. Tailored for public spaces, it emphasizes training with body weight, minimizing the risk of overuse injuries. Versatile and inclusive, this equipment caters to individuals of all genders, ages, and fitness levels.

Architects, including those from renowned firms like James Corner Field Operations, often turn to outdoor fitness equipment, especially in the design of public parks, urban spaces, rooftops, or any area intended for diverse audiences to exercise in the open air.

Berlin, "Das Minsk" is the reconstruction of the terrace restaurant from the GDR era

At the foot of the Minsk Museum, the Brauhausberg terraces have also been recreated in the style of the GDR model. The terraces form a beautiful entrance from the station to Brauhausberg and offer an unobstructed view of ‘Das Minsk’. Three large terraces with fountains, lawns and a playground have been created on the approximately 6,000 square metre area between the art museum “Das Minsk”, the swimming centre “blu” and the Leipziger Dreieck. Each of the lawns has a fountain in one corner and two further fountains flank the staircase to “Das Minsk”, creating a special entrance for visitors to the museum. The central square is now reminiscent of the square of the former GDR.  

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