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NOORD durable outdoor sport equipment for back hyperextension and sit up
Outdoor gym equipment for Crossfit

Crossfit equipment with high functionality and durability, which is aimed at a wide target group, is being used more and more often in construction projects for municipalities, on public areas, in schoolyards and at the local association.

At NOORD, we have many years of experience with the design, production and sale of specifically crossfit equipment.

Danish design and production
180 standard RAL colors
According to EN 16630
Minimal maintenance

Outdoor crossfit equipment

Outdoor crossfit equipment is functional and elegantly designed equipment that is made to blend naturally into its surroundings. NOORD gym equipment is suitable for multiple sports disciplines including the popular and intense workout called Crossfit. 

Crossfit is a challenging and powerful workout that has gained huge popularity over the years. You can do Crossfit almost anywhere and with very little equipment and it doesn’t have to take longer than 20 minutes to complete the Workout of the Day (WOD). 

With NOORD’s outdoor gym equipment you can create a fitness park tailored to your needs and get your Crossfit workout on.

Multifunctional NOORD equipment to complete your workout

There are several reasons why NOORD equipment is suitable for outdoor crossfit equipment. Our designs are made with a special focus on multifunctionality, safety and design. 


Crossfit exercises are based on movements you do in your everyday life such as squatting, pulling and pushing. Therefore you find many variations of squats, push-ups, pull-ups or jumps in the different Crossfit workouts. 

NOORD outdoor crossfit equipment is designed to be used for multiple exercises. If you’re doing inclined push-ups and box jumps in your workout, we can recommend our Spirer BOX. Similarly you will find that all our equipment can help you complete a whole variety of exercises.


All of our outdoor crossfit equipment lives up to the European DS/EN16630 safety regulations for outdoor gym equipment. Furthermore our equipment is designed without bolts or joints, which not only makes it safer to use but also keeps maintenance at a minimum.

Our equipment is made from EPDM rubber, which is resistant to changing temperatures and harsh weather conditions, and from rust protected steel with a powder varnish which protects the equipment from getting scratches. 


Our line of outdoor gym outdoor crossfit equipment is named “Spirer”, which means “Sprouts” or “Seeds” in Danish. In accordance with the name our equipment is designed to naturally sprout out of its surroundings and be a beautiful addition to its environment. You can order our equipment in up to 180 gorgeous RAL colours.

What can you do outside of CrossFit?

If you enjoy less intense workouts but you like the exercises Crossfit offers, you can implement them at a slower pace in your own workout. You can also use NOORD’s outdoor crossfit equipment for HIIT exercises if you don’t want to do strength training.

Can you do CrossFit outdoors?

Crossfit is perfect for the outdoors. It’s a short and intense workout that’ll warm you up quickly and keep you warm. Furthermore, you do not need a lot of outdoor crossfit equipment to get started. With a few basic exercises you can get a complete Crossfit workout done. 

Outdoor elegant fitness equipment for calisthencis exercises from NOORD

Start your training journey

It’s never too late to get started with a good workout routine, and our outdoor crossfit equipment is the perfect way to start. Our gym equipment makes training easy and effective, so you can easily get your daily movement.
Whether you use our outdoor crossfit equipment at home or elsewhere, you’ll be able to do a variety of exercises. It’s all about trial and error so you can get comfortable with your workout routine. Our equipment is extremely durable, so you can’t go wrong as long as you take care of your own body.

Try it out

No one expects training to be easy. Many people make the mistake of pushing their bodies too hard to begin with, leading them to give up hope of a good exercise routine.
Our outdoor crossfit equipment is made to be both functional and durable. It’s therefore perfect for both advanced and beginners as it can be used in many different ways. Sometimes it’s about taking one step at a time and then building up.
Before you know it, you’ll have created new good habits for yourself by using our CrossFit gym equipment.
Outdoor crossfit equipment on a roofop

Exercise in all weather conditions

Our outdoor crossfit equipment makes it possible to train in any weather. It can withstand all weather conditions, so all you need to do is put on your clothes and shoes and head outdoors to get some exercise in.
It’s the perfect way to combine exercise and fresh air, and you’ll quickly notice how good it feels in your body afterwards. For many, exercise can become completely addictive as it’s a form of self-care where you take care of your body and soul.

Get inspired

Our website is full of inspiration to help you better imagine your future outdoor gym. Whether it’s for yourself, a public place or an institution, our outdoor crossfit equipment guarantees years of enjoyment.
We are also happy to talk to you if you have any doubts about how to proceed. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to building a small or large crossfit outdoor gym.
FAQ about outdoor CrossFit
What are the benefits of doing Crossfit?

Crossfit is small intense workouts of 10-25 minutes, which are therefore perfect for you with a busy everyday life or you who want the training to be over quickly. You can easily adjust the various Crossfit exercises to your level, so that you can start comfortably and slowly build up both your fitness, fat burning and, not least, strength. It is an all-round workout that activates your whole body and thus gives you an effective workout.

Who do we typically deliver CrossFit equipment to?

We typically deliver our training equipment to CrossFit boxes and gyms that have an outdoor area where you can train.

How many people can use the equipment at the same time?

Our various products can be used by several people at once, if you e.g. choose Sprouts Monkey Bars.

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