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Park workout equipment - Outdoor training with NOORD

If you want to get fit but don’t like exercising indoors, park workout equipment could be the answer for you. There is a wide range of solutions for your outdoor workout.

In general, more and more people are moving outdoors when they want to exercise. As a result, more and more cities are providing public park exercise equipment that makes it possible to exercise in your local park.

What is park workout equipment?

Park workout equipment can involve many different pieces of gear. Often it involves a stand, such as our Spirer Monkey Bar, which can be used in many different ways.
Our Spirer Parallel Bar is also very popular for training outdoors, where you can train both upper and lower body. Under each piece of equipment on our site, you can see examples of exercises you can do on our equipment and the muscle groups it targets.
Our exercise equipment is also often used in schools and institutions, where it can contribute to a healthy and active environment for children and young people. In this way, exercise can be made fun and become a natural part of everyday life, challenging both the motor and physical aspects.

More than just functional gear

At NOORD, we don’t just care that our park workout equipment is functional, but also that it’s aesthetically pleasing to look at. We believe it’s important that the equipment contributes to the look of the park.
Many parks are charming and beautiful, so it’s important that the gym features match the park. The equipment should be in harmony with the nature in the parks and invite physical activity.
Therefore, we have also made sure that there is minimal waste in our production and that our CO2 footprint is as small as possible. Durability and quality are also important to us, as this means that the tools can be used for as many years as possible.

Where to buy park workout equipment?

At NOORD, you can buy a wide range of park workout equipment. Whether you’re looking for gear for a park or want to build your own outdoor gym, we have the solutions for you.
We’re always happy to help you find the ideal tools for your project, and our skilled staff are great at advising and visualizing projects to give you an idea of what you need. Finally, we provide you with a finished 3D drawing of the solution so you can get an idea of what the final result will look like.

Create an outdoor exercise community

Exercising outdoors is good for both body and mind. After a long day of indoor work, it can be overwhelming to spend time indoors at the gym. If you move your workout outdoors instead, you can get fresh air and exercise at the same time.
It’s also ideal to use park workout equipment to create a workout community where you can meet and work out together on the equipment. This makes it both more fun and easier to get to the gym.

We have collaborated with SCAPEBIG, PLH, OPLANDschønherr and many others.


What does park workout equipment cost?

Prices for park workout equipment vary greatly depending on your needs and scope. Please contact us on +45 53 80 46 63 or to find out more about prices.

Can I train on park workout equipment myself?

Yes, all our equipment is designed for you to get an effective workout on your own. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t train with others, where you can either take turns or train on the same equipment.

Where to find inspiration for exercises?

Under each product on our site, you can find examples of exercises that you can do on the equipment and which muscle groups it targets.

Is it possible to get an effective workout without a gym?

Yes, many people underestimate working out outdoors. If you do it right and have the right tools, you can get just as effective a workout outdoors as indoors – and you’ll even get fresh air for your brain at the same time. Our park workout equipment is therefore ideal for an optimal outdoor workout.
Start your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle by training through bicep calisthenics with no equipment. Use your own weight as a training partner.
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