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Beginner calisthenics workout no equipment - Try Noord

If you want access to beginner calisthenic workouts without equipment, Noord can help you. We offer a wide range of equipment so you can train easily and effectively.

Workouts for everyone

With our beginner calisthenics workouts without equipment, everyone can train. All you need to do is get dressed and head outdoors, where we can help you build an outdoor fitness area or provide specific equipment for larger or smaller areas.
This way you get fresh air and exercise your body, so you can continue your day with a clear conscience. Our vision is to make exercise easy and accessible for everyone. We offer a wide range of equipment so you can find the right one for your area. Whether it’s fitness equipment or an obstacle course, we’ve got you covered.

Do something great for yourself

For many people, exercise is something that just needs get over with. It can often feel like a chore hanging over your head that you just want to skip. At Noord, we want to change that.
Our equipment makes exercising fun and inspiring, and you get to use your whole body in an easy and effective way. With our outdoor fitness equipment, beginner calisthenics workouts without equipment has never been easier.
Get inspired by the many workout options and embark on a journey where exercise is fun and energizing. Exercise with your friends and family and feel the endorphins in your body. Beginner calisthenics workouts without equipment is healthy for both body and mind.

If you are new to exercise

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about exercise. Everyone has to find their own path and what works for others may not work for you. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep an open mind.
Beginner calisthenics workouts without equipment can take many different forms, and sometimes it takes a bit of experimenting to find the right routine. So don’t be afraid to make mistakes, as it’s only natural to need time and practice.
Our equipment comes in different levels and for different needs. If you’re unsure about how to choose the right one for either your home, public spaces or schools and institutions, we’re here to guide you.

Let us help you

At Noord we are ready to guide you, whether you are interested in beginner calisthenics workout without equipment or other types of training. We have extensive knowledge of all types of training and are happy to guide you on the right path.
Explore our wide range of training equipment and let yourself be seduced by the many possibilities. We promise you won’t regret it once you get into a good routine.
Many of our customers say that their daily workout what they look forward to most in the morning. Moving your body is fun and energizing, and for many, it becomes addictive.

Danish produced equipment

Our fitness equipment is made in Denmark from quality materials that last. It is sustainably created as well as functional and aesthetic in outdoor areas.
Try the beginner calisthenics workout without equipment in the form of our fitness equipment or obstacle courses. Once you have the equipment nearby, just use it again and again.
See our equipment here, explore our OCR here or read more about Calisthenics equipment for home here.
We have collaborated with ZYSCOVICHBIG, PLH, OPLANDschønherr and many others.

Calisthenics for beginners - aesthetic equipment

Not only is our equipment functional, great for outdoor training and easy to use, we also focus on making the components aesthetic. This makes it fit much better into the specific environment in which it is placed, but also makes it a smaller work of art.
Our products can therefore also be produced in more than 180 colors and shades, which allows you to choose exactly the look you want in your outdoor area for training or calisthenics for beginners and advanced users.
In addition, in our Scandinavian designs, we have also focused on the simple, delicious and Nordic minimalism, which fits beautifully into both natural surroundings as well as a schoolyard or backyard.

Talk about your options with beginner workout equipment

We have many different options, solutions, colors, shapes and prices. So you can always contact us to discuss your exact questions, needs and wishes for an outdoor fitness area or activity area.
This can range from kids obstacle course race equipment to park workout equipment and much more. In the meantime, you can also take a closer look at our previous projects and get some inspiration for your current project.
Contact Us

At NOORD, a successful project starts with a good collaboration. We can help you all the way from the initial idea to the finished project. Our skilled project managers and graphic designers help you visualise and select the equipment that best suits your needs. We provide a finished 3D drawing of the entire area so that you as a customer can easily see what the finished project will look like.


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