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Calisthenics equipment for home - Try Noord gym and fitness

If you’re looking for calisthenics equipment for home, Noord is here to help. We offer a wide range of exercise equipment and fitness options for outdoor use.

Calisthenics equipment for home

We want it to be easy

Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. With the right equipment, it’s both easy and effective, so you can always manage to fit it into your daily routine.
Our calisthenics equipment for home makes exercising easy, as all you need to do is get dressed and go outside. The equipment comes in different varieties for different purposes, so there’s something suitable for everyone.

Do something for yourself

Exercise is healthy for both body and mind, and we want to make it accessible for everyone. When using your body, endorphins are released, which can become addictive.
We believe that everyone deserves to take care of themselves and their body. With calisthenics equipment for your home, you work out at your own pace and level, without having to rely on the pace of others. It’s another form of self-care where you put yourself and your health first.

Our selection of calisthenics equipment for home and more

We offer a wide variety of equipment so you can tailor your outdoor fitness area to your specific needs. This also means you can build larger or smaller training areas that fit in anywhere. At Noord, you can discover outdoor fitness equipment designs and solutions tailored for various outdoor spaces. On top of that our equipment requires minimal upkeep. We emphasize on aesthetics, functionality, and top-notch quality.
Our calisthenics equipment for your home is designed to meet all your training needs and is easily adaptable to any outdoor space. Whether you have a garden, a patio or even a small balcony area, our equipment can be easily integrated and allows you to train effectively and have fun.
We offer a range of calisthenics equipment for home, including exercise bars, exercise rings, exercise benches and much more. All of our products are made from durable materials that withstand even the most intense training sessions and weather conditions, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your investment.

Get started today with calisthenics equipment for your home

With our calisthenics equipment for your home, not only do you get the opportunity to work out anywhere, anytime, but you can also enjoy the benefits of exercising outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine and natural surroundings create the perfect atmosphere for your workout, which increases your motivation and training efforts.
Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, our equipment will help you reach your fitness goals and achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of. So what are you waiting for? Transform your home into your personal gym today with our quality outdoor calisthenics equipment.

Let us help you

It can be a challenge for some people to work out with a group of people. With calisthenics equipment for your home, this is no problem as you can go at your own pace and level. Be inspired by the many possibilities and grab the chance to do something good for yourself and your body.
We have collaborated with ZYSCOVICHBIG, PLH, OPLANDschønherr and many others.
If you are unsure of which equipment matches your needs, you’re always welcome to contact us. We are ready to guide and advise you, so you build the outdoor gym that you’ve always dreamt of.
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