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Outdoor durable gym equipment for different exercises

Kids gymnastics equipment - High quality products at NOORD

Kids gymnastics equipment can be an educational and fun way to get children active and develop their motor skills. It is often used in schools and institutions to encourage children and young people to have an active everyday life where they can use the training areas together.

Danish design and production
180 standard RAL colors
According to EN 16630
Minimal maintenance

What does kids gymnastics equipment involve?

Kids gymnastics equipment can be various pieces of equipment that are designed to suit them. The focus here is on making the equipment easy and safe for children to use, which can be adjusted in terms of height, among other things.
In addition, it must be able to strengthen children’s basic motor skills and improve their coordination. These are two important aspects of a child’s development, which could be strengthened through an Obstacle Course Race for kids.
calisthenic equipment

Kids gymnastics equipment with room for play

When we design training areas with kids gymnastics equipment, we always focus on how it can be used for fun and safe play. When our products are used in areas where it is intended for an older segment, we focus on how it can be used for effective training.

When it comes to children, it’s more important that it can be a tool for developing fun games that allow them to use their creative imagination. This gives them the space to be kids and allows them to spend a lot of their energy on physical activities.

Find the best equipment at NOORD

At NOORD, you can find high-quality equipment to suit any training area. We take great care to ensure that our equipment is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, so it’s easy to use and fits in with its surroundings.
All our products are made from materials that are extremely hard-wearing and durable. This means they last for many years and require minimal maintenance. This makes them ideal for placement in schools or parks where people can use them to be physically active together.

Kids gymnastics equipment in Danish design

We are proud of our Danish roots and all our products are of Danish designs. In addition, they are also produced in Denmark, where we focus on minimizing our carbon footprint as much as possible.

To provide the best conditions for adapting a training area to the surroundings in which it is placed, you can choose from over 180 colors for the equipment. This makes it suitable for both businesses, schools and public spaces.

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We have collaborated with ZYSCOVICHBIGSINAIOPLANDschønherr and many others.

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