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Outdoor playground equipment - Make play active and fun

Outdoor playground equipment can make play fun, active and educational, where children can strengthen motivity skills and socialize with other children. It can therefore contribute to the child’s development, where it can be adjusted according to levels and ages.
With the advent of digitalization and the screen becoming a big part of many children’s everyday lives, there is a greater focus on children remembering to play and be active outside. Outdoor playground equipment is therefore an obvious way to get them to be more active.

Outdoor playground equipment as part of teaching/learning

We’re also seeing an increase in trends of outdoor playground equipment being used as part of teaching, where the teacher can tailor the teaching to fit the equipment. An outdoor play gym makes it easier for the children to absorb knowledge and stay focused on the tasks when they can use their bodies at the same time.
At NOORD, we do several projects for schools and institutions, so we have experience in adapting the equipment to the children’s level.

Can be fun and functional for both children and adults

At NOORD, we have exercise equipment that can be fun and functional for both children and adults. This way, families can get something out of the equipment and be active together. This is often a nice break from everyday life at home, where things can easily become a bit chaotic.
With outdoor playground equipment, children can use some of their energy and train their basic motivity skills. Much of the equipment can also be used by adults, where you can tailor the exercises to fit the equipment.

Outdoor playground equipment to train balance

It can also be a great way for children to train their balance and coordination. This can be trained, for example, by walking on a tightrope or hopscotch, where you have to coordinate your steps.
It is therefore a great way to make exercise fun for the child, where they most likely won’t think about the fact that they are training their coordination and balance, but simply see it as a fun activity. Try an outdoor play gym and see how they can strengthen your children’s physical skills and development.
On our site you can see more examples of our projects such as training equipment for schools and educational institutions.

Who is NOORD?

At NOORD, we want to create equipment and training areas that encourage physical activity. Our equipment is both functional and aesthetic, where they can enhance your surroundings and provide a healthy and active way to train your body.
We have a wide range of equipment for bicep calisthenics, obstacle course races and much more. If this sounds interesting, you are always welcome to contact us and we can talk about your ideas and wishes for projects.

We have collaborated with SCAPEBIG, PLH, OPLAND, SINAI and many others.


Is outdoor playground equipment safe?

At NOORD, we always make sure that our outdoor playground equipment is safe and secure for children to play on.

How old do children need to be to use outdoor playground equipment?

This very much depends on where it is to be installed. Here, the equipment is always adapted to the age and level of the children so that they can get the most out of it.

What are examples of outdoor playground equipment?

Examples of outdoor playground equipment could be a balance board, climbing frame or a hopscotch where children can strengthen their basic motivity.

How is it different from a normal playground?

With our outdoor playground equipment, there is a special focus on strengthening children’s coordination, balance and cross-movement skills while making it fun for the children. Therefore, a lot of energy has been put into how our equipment is most optimal for the children’s development.
Start your journey towards a healthier and happier lifestyle by training through bicep calisthenics with no equipment. Use your own weight as a training partner.
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